Sanitary measures

Las Olas provides essential services with the same team, without any outside contact. All our suppliers deliver to the delivery dock, without any contact with our team. We can talk about a corporate containment.
ZeroContact is Las Olas Traiteur’s promise that guarantees that there will be no outside contact in the production and delivery of our dishes. It is a seal of quality that sends a strong message to our customers and partners about our commitment to be a reliable supplier at all levels.
● Hand disinfection by the delivery man on arrival at the customer’s premises.

● Selection of a safe delivery point.

● Disinfection of hands by the delivery person at the customer’s exit.

● Daily cleaning of delivery vehicles. Interior disinfection of vehicles.

● Complete cleaning of all equipment used for delivery and returned to the factory.

At all stages of the production process, Las Olas ensures that strict sanitary standards are respected.

● Alcoholic hand foam dispensers are installed at the 3 main entrances of the plant, allowing direct sanitization at the entrance.

● Hand washing every 30 minutes.

● All door handles are cleaned twice a day with sanitizer.

● Suppliers delivery in a separate delivery dock area.

● Hygiene and sanitation measures are always applied in our preparation plant as prescribed by our MAPAQ certification. These measures include, among others, hand washing, surface disinfection and the wearing of the net and production uniform. Use of professional disinfection products, at the cutting edge of the latest sanitary studies. Las Olas has a very high score with the MAPAQ.

● No visitors are allowed to enter our establishment.

Las Olas collaborates with professional and conscious partners. All our suppliers have the same attention to detail and have implemented responsible and safe measures. All our suppliers are serious companies, established for many years, they follow strict standards and are aware of our prerogatives.

We want to assure you that we are carefully monitoring the information provided by the media and the government.

Las Olas Catering has a state-of-the-art preparation plant that meets the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. For more than 24 years, Las Olas has been committed to the well-being of its customers and acts professionally to ensure your satisfaction.

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Green Commitment

Las Olas has always been conscious of ecological issues and respect for the environment.
For more than ten years, we have been taking steps to minimize our impact on nature.

Composting of organic waste

Efficient use of feed scraps for poultry and veal stocks

Compostable packaging

Reduction of the energy used

Eco-responsible sanitary products

More efficient delivery routes

Low-footprint vehicles

Water heaters on demand

Privileged use of local products

Plant resin lunch box trays

Plates and utensils made of bagasse or potato fiber

Involvement and awareness of the team.

Member of the Quebec Council Événements Éco-Responsables

Organic and fair trade coffee