• $ 29.95  150 PERS ET +
  • $ 33.95100 PERS ET +
  • $ 37.95  50 PERS ET +
  • $ 47.95  35 PERS ET +
TRADITIONAL BABY TREATMENT Child from 4 to 11 years old $15.95
  • Choice of meats marinated 72 hours
  • Beef and 3 pepper sauce
  • Quebec Pork and pineapple jerk sauce
  • Lamb and chimichurri sauce
  • Peruvian chicken brassa
  • Potatoes bells with spices Mtl and sautéed vegetables.
  • Fresh bread & butter.
    choice of salad: Vegetable Fusilli, Caesar, Fattouche, Creamy Cabbage, Waldorf Cabbage, Penne & Pesto, Mexican Legume, Mac & Cheese, Mesclun and crunchy vegetables.

Homemade Apple, Strawberry & Rhubarb and Sugar Pies

Included: Kitchen staff up to 8 hours of work.

Included in all packages: Cooking and kitchen equipment, compostable cutlery, disposable towels and serving utensils. Table stove, tablecloths for the buffet

Not included in the packages: Service staff time and travel expenses, transportation and delivery, buffet table, furniture, special rentals, additions or modifications.

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