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Once upon a time …

The Gift Boxes.

Once upon a time…

Gift Boxes

  Encourage your employees and reward your customers by offering them our beautiful Gift Boxes.

100% local from Las Olas.

They are available in three sizes to satisfy all your desires.

The Refined

This is the perfect gift for the sweet tooth. Our La Raffiné Gift Box is a mix of homemade, local and sweet products, all coming in a beautiful metal box.

La Locale

We are proud to offer you our local and homemade products in this elegant box. You will be charmed by its products specially designed for lovers of fine products.

The inflamed one

Spice up your life with our L’Enflammée box, strong in character and flavor. This gourmet box is the ideal gift to offer to your customers, employees but also to your family.

Discover our Traditional Holiday Menu

Taste the magic of Christmas …

Our Chef and his goblins have gone above and beyond the call of duty to concoct a delicious holiday menu for you. All homemade, prepared with love, it will be served to you in individual boxes.

Traditional Holiday Box

The must for 25 years at Las Olas. Our holiday menu is prepared in accordance with Quebec traditions.

Our Log with gold ornament

Taste the luxury, taste our chocolate-pear log adorned with 24 Karats gold.

The Holiday Apéro-Chic Box Set

Create a sensation, add a festive touch to your Happening and delight all participants with our Aperitif Box.

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